In today's post is a wonderful tip from Top 5 Blond Hair Products, as they need a care with appropriate products for this type of hair that will leave your hair wonderful, take a look:

TIP 1 - L'Oréal Professional Lumino Contrast Shampoo

Shampoo suitable for bleached, blond hair, with highlights or highlights that gently cleans the hair , in addition to intensely hydrating and conditioning the hair fiber and acts against dryness, fading or breakage.

Its double protection action contains nourishing oils and a cocktail of ceramides , leaving the hair alive, soft and an intense shine, in addition to having a strong power to recover the hair that makes it even more beautiful.

Its formula contains UV filters to protect hair from external damage , and a mix of oils that gives a lot of shine and magnesium that is rich in its fortifying properties.

TIP 2 - Schwarzkopf BlondMe Color Correction Spray Conditioner

Conditioner spray that is an instant detoxifier that is in the Top 5 Blond Hair Products that keratin restorative that improves hair luminosity and gives an incredible shine, suitable for blond hair with colder tones.

Its action provides a quick neutralization on the threads leaving them in a very healthy and bright, in addition to gaining perfect hydration in your locks.

Its formula contains KeraLamination Technology that recovers all the lost keratin from the hair, and is developed to protect the strands from damage caused by discoloration , and the UV filter that helps even more in protection.

TIP 3 - Redken Blonde Idol Mask

Hydration mask suitable for blond hair , and it is a treatment that nourishes the hair , restores it , promoting intense hydration, with the power to recover the most damaged and porous areas of the hair.

Its action renews the hair without making it heavy, giving movement, softness, besides giving an incredible shine the way you want, getting ready to rock!

Its formula is rich in Mica Crystal that gives the necessary shine, and the Kera-Bright System technology that contains violet leaf extract and lactic acid, which strengthens and enhances the threads.

TIP 4 - L'Oréal Professional Shine Blonde Conditioner

This conditioner is special for bleached hair, with highlights and highlights that promotes a very deep nutrition in the locks, making them healthier, which removes the yellow from the strands .

Its action guarantees an excellent hair restoration , giving a much more luminous appearance in locks with astringent properties that protect against damage caused by external agents.

Its formula contains Cáraflash Technology which contains violet pigments, which unties the hair and extracts of apple and camellia which treats the damages caused by chemicals and antioxidant, moisturizing and moisturizing action. Check out additional info here today!

TIP 5 - Yellow Silver Color Shampoo

De-yellowing shampoo suitable for bleached, blond hair, with highlights and highlights that cleans and neutralizes the yarns and yellowish tones, giving color and shine to the hair the way you want it.

Its action leaves the hair perfectly protected and healthy, because its cleaning also moisturizes and protects from damage caused by external factors, maintaining the desired color.

Its action contains Babaçu oil which is extracted from the babassu seed and lauric acid, which guarantees softness, silkiness and shine in the threads. It also has the Aloetrix complex that promotes optimal reconstruction in the threads, providing nutrition and hydration.